Friday, July 18, 2008

I'll be back home in 4 days

I'm sorry I didn't post at all during my vacation. I've just been relaxing and enjoying Boston. I know you are all tired of the whole MIA speech so I'll skip all that. But I do hope you all are fine and well. But I promise I'll be back to regular blogging when I get back to Hawaii.

So this weekend will be my last out here so we're going to make the best of it. We had lobsters for dinner two nights in a row. Yum! lol. A couple of nights ago my sister took us out to eat sushi (my fave!) and we're going to another sushi place tomorrow night. Can't wait. :) I believe we're going to the aquarium tomorrow as well. That should be fun. We also went on the Boston Duck Tours. We had the best tour guide. Unfortunately I don't have any pics to share because my sister was the paparazzi as I was too lazy to take any pics. But I'll try to get some up here in my next post. But all in all I've been enjoying myself and trying to make the most out of our time here since I'm not sure when we'll be able to visit again.

We have gone shopping but I've bought mostly clothes. My only makeup-related haul was at CVS for essence of beauty brushes. Since we don't have CVS in hawaii. I also snagged the colossal mascara for 2.99 with my sister's CVS extra bucks card. that's gotta be the cheapest mascara i've ever bought. There are outlet malls here but no CCOs. :( we never had any time to go when I was at my other sister's house in California. next time, next time lol. Since I haven't bought any makeup I couldn't resist with electro flash and sonic chic from MAC. So I did a major haul online. I ordered on Tuesday morning and my hubsie told me last night that it already came in the mail. Talk about fast shipping. I should've just had them ship it here if that was the case lol. From seeing swatches on specktra and youtube, I pretty much had an idea of what I wanted so I got 5 MES duos and 5 of the blushes since I am in love with blush. Seriously I am so into blush it's not even funny. I just love how it's the cherry on top of the sundae, completing any look with a flush of color. I also had to snag a backup of Parrot e/s since it's on their goodbye list for soon-to-be discontinued items. But anyway, I'll do that haul post when I get back for sure.

492...on my google reader. lol. time to catch up!