Wednesday, June 25, 2008

cali bound in 6 hours

so the time has come. my flight leaves at 7am and i am so exhausted and tired already from packing and not getting enough sleep last night. but i'm excited. my sis got disneyland tickets so we'll be meeting mickey on thursday. ;)

i'm almost done packing lol. didn't pack that much makeup, just the essentials. which equals to 2 travel sized and 2 regular sized makeup bags. brought a few of my neutral palettes and of course the manly palette so i can still do some looks for yall lol. right now it's about 12:45am and we'll be heading out to the airport in about 3 hours. we've got a 3-hour stopover in san francisco. that should be fun. lol.

my hubsie teared when we said our goodbyes this afternoon. he's afraid jr. won't remember him when we get back lol. and to make it worse, mariah carey's bye bye song was playing LOL. i told him that i saved my blog link under his favorites on his login on our computer, so he can read about what i'm up to since i don't blog on myspace, just put up pics. and he knows how much of a broke ass i am right now so he gave me a "vacation donation". lol. thank you honey! you're the best. miss you already. ;)

just wanted to sign off from hawaii. my next post will be in cali. nitey nite everyone ;)