Thursday, July 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home, Vacation Pics & Hauls

Aloha everyone! ;) Although I miss my sisters (surprisingly LOL) I am glad to be back home on the islands.

We arrived yesterday and I was never more exhausted in my life. It wouldn't have been so tiring if we hadn't forgotten my son's stroller AND backpack carrier. :( I have no idea how that happened. I guess since it was a little chaotic on the early morning that we left, I didn't realize that we forgot it until 10 minutes after leaving my sister's house. There was no way we were turning around or else I would have definitely missed my flight. As stressful as it was, I had to carry my son the whole time while carring my big ass purse (with my whole house inside btw), my son's diaper bag, and pulling my hand carry. I swear I've never felt more muscles in my arms. lol. I was so relieved to see my mom and dad after getting all of our baggage. Thank god we were sitting next to a really nice girl who used to live in Hawaii for 25 years but now resides in Atlanta (home of the infamous RenRen). We chatted it up and she was even nice enough to hold my son while I went to use the bathroom and a second time to take my daughter to the bathroom. Her and her bf were so sweet they even helped us with our baggage. I couldn't have thanked them enough. ;)

I really enoyed my vacation. Can't believe it went by so fast. I wish I could have done more while I was in California (i.e. meet some of my fellow beauty bloggers lol) No worries Jaclyn, next time for sure! ;) I didn't even get a chance to hit up a CCO. :( There was just so much to do and so little time. The main thing was that the kids had a great time - CCO or not lol. Disneyland was so much fun. Most of the pics are of the kids and I barely took any pics because it was so damn hot so you won't see me in any of these pics lol.

I didn't do much makeup shopping which explains my big online MAC haul. I just picked up some essence of beauty brushes since we don't have CVS here (sucks!). When we went to the mall Crabtree & Evelyn was having a sale and they had a $5.00 rack. I wanted to try out the intensive eye treatment (for puffiness and dark circles) in comparison to MAC's fast response eye cream. (I'll do a review later) and since I have dry chapped lips I got 2 of their overnight lip repair (a godsend!!) They were definitely bargains since the lip repair was originally $17 and the eye treatment was originally $30. I saved $62! Gotta love sales. ;) The rest of my moolah went to food and clothes. Here are my hauls.

Didn't do swatches, I know you've all seen them. My goodness, MAC is really gonna break the bank with all their collections coming out this Fall. Crazy as hell. Now that I'm back home I can finally start applying for jobs. I didn't want to start applying before I went on my vacation because I'm sure no one would hire me if I told them that I was going to be out of town for almost a month. I hope I find the right one. I know it won't be easy but I'm capable.

I hope you all are doing well. I've missed you guys since I was so MIA yet again. Please bare with me while I slowly get up to date with my commenting on your blogs. ;)

I'm starving so the hubsie and I are off to Sizzler. Yay! I missed that place while I was gone. Even Boston's clam chowder did not compare to theirs. LOL. Have a beautiful day everyone. ;)