Friday, June 13, 2008

tag & jaime

Tagged by Aya :)

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was a freshman I think, in high school. Getting straight A's and being innocent. That was all before I started cutting class in my junior year. But anyways we're not talking about that LOL. Yeah so I was a freshman at Campbell High School. Go Sabers!! lol. Honestly I don't remember much. I just know I did good, made friends with a lot of Seniors who were in my computer applications class. was in a few clubs, and...was still very chubby. lol. i lost all that baby fat in my sophomore year when i tried out for the school's first ever dance team Saber Steppers! LOL. foreal though that's when i lost weight....then had boyfriends....and..anyways. lol.

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list today?
1. kids' laundry.
2. mail a package of goodies for lisa, who let me review the anastasia brow kit (sooo long overdue! =|)
3. pay for my cell phone bill
4. start making my list of things to pack for my vacation
5. remember to de-frost ribs (yes i'm making ribs again tonight, thanks j. rose lol

3. Snacks I enjoy:
oh god where i start? LOL. chocolate covered gummi bears (my fave!!) the ones with all white gummi bears though, not the colored ones - yuck! quaker cakes mini rice cakes, the caramel ones. OMG only 60 calories and sooooo good!! they have that buttery caramel taste. and um...whatever fruits we get from costco, (strawberries, plums, apples) oh and i love oranges too. but i gotta peel and section them or i won't eat em. lol.

4. Places I’ve lived:
Hawaii!! born n raised. i've lived here all my life. :)

5. Things I’d do if I were a billionaire:
omg i gotta agree and say get my ass outta debt (from school:()!! buy a house, doesn't have to be a huge mansion or anything just something nice and simple. buy a bentley. i loooove kim k.'s car! and everything in MAC and sephora. and...invest in stocks. start my own beauty salon with professional makeup artists (not me! lol).

6. People I want to know more about:
that's a toughie. i guess i'd say all my fellow MAC addicts. i'd like to know more about you besides our obession for MAC. lol.

I'm not sure who has already been tagged so if you're reading this and you haven't been tagged then I tag YOU! :)

So I met up with Jaime on Wednesday. She is such a tiny lil girl (seriously like half my size!) with so much energy! She is soo sweet though! She was so helpful in helping me pick out an outfit to wear tomorrow night. I've never been in a store that long. She was so patient and kept asking all the sales ladies for help and asking to get my sizes while I was in the dressing room trying on stuff. After all that we were both starving because we only had cereal that morning. We went to the food court and ate Panda Express. Of course we had the infamous orange chicken. yummy! We were laughing about all kinds of stuff and just talking about our video game lovin, UFC obsessed, not-an-ounce-interested in makeup bfs. LOL. we went to the MAC store and she said anytime i wanna go to MAC, to call her up because she has a pro card. (ahhh!!) so sweet! but of course we totally forgot cool heat was coming out the next day (bummer!) so i passed on getting anything just to save my money. so we're going tomorrow before we get ready. sorry if i'm sounding like i have a new bff or something. lol. it's not like that though, just a cool new friend that i've met in person from youtube and surprisingly we have so much in common. we didn't talk/msg each other since wednesday but just this morning she messaged me to remind me about tomorrow.

anyway, sorry to bore you with all of that. but i did manage to get a pic of us. :)

have a great weekend my lovelies. ;)