Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Simply Naturals & Brush Bath

Thank you for the sweet comments on the previous post. You guys rock. ;)

I got my Simply Naturals haul yesterday. I'm pretty satisfied with everything I received. Thank you to Christiana for giving us all the scoop on all the mineral makeup websites you find!

I couldn't get the pics to come out as good as Christiana's so I just made a video. You can check it out on my YT channel. :)Anyway, here is my haul:

My faves are Razzmatazz, Motown, Cayman, Green Apple, Citrus & Fern. Love them all really. ;)

And I washed all my brushes too. Took me damn near one hour just to do everything. I don't usually wash them all at the same time only because I regularly wash the ones I use the most. Didn't think it would take so long to do all of them.

My birthday is coming up. Don't think I'll be doing anything special. My birthdays were never really times to celebrate. It's really just another ordinary day. But I will be eating noodles (pancit) that's for sure lol.

Tomorrow I'm going to meet prettywahine96701 (Jaime) from youtube. lol. We've been talking on youtube and for some strange reason I feel like I've known her forever. She invited me to her birthday party this Saturday at Brew Moon. I decided to go since I really haven't had much of a social life in forever. So sad I know. lol. I'll let yall know how it goes.

Til next time my fellow beauty bloggers... :)