Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yay for the Jabbawockeez!

I'm not exactly on an update roll at the moment (I know) I apologize. I've been more in lurking mode lol.

Thank you for the sweet ass comments on the tucan look. I'm glad you gals enjoyed that. ;)

Yay! They won! They truly deserved it. I'm not gonna go bashing Status Quo but all I will say is that it is quite obvious why the "Jabbahottiez" won. :) The headspin for about 30 or so seconds?!? Come on people that was sick as hell.

I'm so happy I get to watch The Hills again. This season looks like it's gonna be juicy. But for some reason Lauren Conrad is the least of my faves. I used to like her but. I dunno. I don't like that she can't just let go of the damn grudge. I like Heidi more than Lauren. At least Heidi tried to woMAN up to L.C. and made the effort to make ammends. I mean, so yeah she's not friends with Heidi anymore for whatever reasons but why care if Audrina wants to be her friend. I say real friends won't let you choose who can be your friend. I just think it's childish to say "you can't be friends with her." Unless of course she messed around with your man. lol. ANYways....sorry to all you who don't watch the show.

I hauled more crap over the week. But I've been so lazy to make a damn video with my digital camera (which btw is a bazillion times better than my crappy ass webcam). I've made other little videos with my kids and whatnot but not any makeup-related stuff. I guess I'm still camera-shy which I shouldn't be because I'm so not shy in real life. lol. no seriously I am very outspoken, loud, etc. lol. Hopefully I'll get over it. I keep saying that. I mean I WILL get over it.

I'm still on the job-hunting prowl. I'm very selective though, I won't settle for less than what I'm capable of doing. I want a position that will allow me to utilize ALL of my skills and not just a few. I wanna choose the right Employer, stable with good benefits. I don't wanna wait too long though because the longer I'm unemployed the harder it'll be to actually get a job because of the gap. I'll keep ya posted.

Other than hauling more makeup that I don't need, (I need to stop that. Foreal.) same old, same old. Nothing new has happened. Changed the playlist just because, it was time for a change. And I guess looking at my blog layout also makes me not in the mood to update. It's so blah. I need a dose of fresh, a shot of new, and a side order of exciting.

Earlier today I got my son and myself ready to go to the mall to get a birthday present for my god daughter's 1st birthday party. Get this, as soon as I was done getting ready, after I got my son's diaper bag together with diapers and milk a toy and a pacifier, blanket, etc..I suddenly got a major headache! How annoying right? Seriously all I had to do was put on my jeans and top and we were out the door but noooo, a throbbing headache decides to pay me a visit. Thank god my son was starting to fall asleep so yup, you guessed it, we took a nap. A long nap, and we never left the house. Hubs was already home from work when we woke up. :( But at least we took a pic together. My daughter is at grandma's. We'll be picking her up tomorrow.

Have a great weekend fellow beauty bloggers and lurkers (like myself) lol.