Friday, April 11, 2008


I needed some brighter colors so it would motivate me to update more. lol. Just looking at that other "blah" layout even made me feel gloomy. Changed the font, made it a bit bigger in case some of you were having trouble with that tiny ass font I had.

Sorry for the MIAness yet again. I don't really expect anyone to keep tabs on this blog because I'm well aware that I don't/can't update as often as I'd like. There are many other beauty bloggers out there who can keep you updated on the latest and the greatest and keep you entertained much more than I ever could. But thanks to you sweeties who do like to see what I'm up to. ;)

Other than that, I've really been lurking on YouTube, as well as trying to make more videos although it is really time-consuming considering the recording, editing and uploading process. But all in all, it's fun stuff. I just recently did a couple videos on my makeup collection (which wasn't really detailed, just skimmed through) and some smokey eyes that I did using e.l.f.

To all of you who have commented, said hello on myspace, etc. THANK YOU and I'm really sorry I haven't replied, if I haven't already. But I love you all. ;)

I got my first Cherry Culture haul in the mail yesterday. More NYX round lippies! lol. But they're all so lovely I can't pick a favorite. I seriously love them all. I'll try to get some swatches up in here although I'll probably do a video. lol. The one I did not get UNfortunately was Sunflower. :( I have no idea why I didn't get it after seeing Ms. Vanessa rockin' it. It is really pretty. I just might have to do another haul (yikes!).

Stay beautiful ladies. Til next time. :)