Tuesday, March 11, 2008


big hugs and kisses for you guys for hearing me out on my last entry. it really is a little stress-relieving to be able to vent/let off steam in an outlet such as this blog. in a way, i kinda see it as a little journal. obviously a more public one but it works for me because i've actually tried keeping a written journal many many times before but they've all failed. i would stop writing in them after a while. but i like the interaction that this gives. it's comforting to know that some of you out there can actually relate to my situations. so thank you, it is very much appreciated. ;)

lately i've been getting some headaches. i'm not too sure why. i barely get headaches but oh lord when i do..it's a bitch and a half! tylenol don't work for me. extra strength and all. now i hate taking huge ass pills so i opt for the extra strength sweet coated EZ tabs. but still, no relief. *sigh*

Vanessa posted her review for the Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator. (yay!) I was at Longs last night and was very close to tossing it into my basket when I thought to myself, "before you do that, wait for Vanessa's review." lol. no joke. so lo and behold, i read her review on it today and she gave it a 5/5. now you know what that means. i'll be back at longs tonight. lol.

i've been lurking again on youtube. i love youtube! i enjoy watching other makeup fanatics out there showin off their skills and whatnot. some of them completely blow my mind. it's crazy! i wanna get back to doing more videos (i've only made one so far). 1) i have too much damn makeup not to do a tut/review/whats-in-your-purse/etc. vid. 2) i have more than enough time on my hands. 3) why the hell not? lol. i've been seeing this wales palette and several claim that it is not bad at all. on the other hand, i've seen a few that have said that they received them with a couple of cracked/broken shadows due to poor packaging when shipped. i'm really wanting to check this baby out because of the beautiful colors. supposedly there are 10 palettes you can choose from, *1-*6 and M1-M4. they have a wide array of colors/textures in each palette. i also saw someone do a review on the palette and they swatched a green color on their finger and it was beautiful and vibrant. buuut...you know the drill with ebay. gotta do your research before you get screwed in the ass. lol. so yeah, i shall look into this a bit more. dig deeper, if you will. but anyway, here is a hilarious gal that shares her palettes with youtubers. she is really funny in this video, snappin at her adorable yorkie. lol.

*courtesy of goldenchild789