Thursday, March 13, 2008

random jibberish

i am already not feeling this layout. so thanks to Krystle, i can do something about it. she shared a website that she found through PC Magazine. GetPaint allows you to download a free image-editing software similar to photoshop. i was trying it out earlier today and i'm in love. thank heavens for this. i was getting sick of my trial periods expiring on me. leaving me with no other option but to go and look for another 30-day trial of crap. the installation/dl time was really quick for me too and very easy. if you download the program, make sure you download the 3.22 version. that is the one that's free. i first downloaded the 3.30 beta thinking it was a more updated version and lo and behold, it has a 30-day trial. sooo, 3.22 people! and Krystle even shares a little tut on how to do a basic watermark to prevent folks from jacking your precious makeup pics. =)

Yay for Koren at EnKoreMakeup for sharing his reviews on the coastalscents brushes. I want the Large Italian Badger Buffer Brush. I can just feel the velvety smooth butter-like hairs gliding across my face just by looking at the damn thing. lol. Seriously though, if EnKore Says they're great, you can't expect anything less. And for the unbelieveable prices, 'no' is just not an option. lol. Check them out:

I've been tagged by Christy. This is very interesting but fun just thinking about it. So here goes nothing.

5 must NOT have items

1) MAC Tweezers

I do love MAC. But not their tweezers. oh please, anything but their tweezers. for $28, i have two words for you: rip. off. seriously, they do not grab the hairs. it's a little too long and feels heavy in my hand. tweezerman. hands down. NEXT!

2) Almay Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover Liquid

This is supposedly America's #1 Eye Makeup remover brand. hahaha...bahaha! when i used this stuff it felt like swiping vegetable oil all over my eye. i HATE that greasy, oily feeling. i get that it's supposed to be moisturizing but my eyes are not butterball turkeys ready to be greased for a baking. yuck.

3) Smashbox Lip & Lid Primer

Honestly, I liked the travel-friendly size packaging and I liked the whole concept of having both primers in one. But when you come right down to it, the product sucked. the eye primer did not go on my eyelids smoothly. it was a bit cakey and came out in streaks. this ain't got nothing on UDPP. as for the lip primer, let's not even go there. if i was begging for dry, flakey lips, i would use this in a heartbeat.

4) imju fiberwig mascara

sad but true. i know this particular mascara has gotten a lot of great reviews but unforunately it didn't work out for me. everytime i put them on it would make my lashes look like little trees. i mean trees with little tiny branches. sorry if that doesn't make sense but i don't know how else to explain it. i guess there was just way too much fiber in there. i didn't get any length. just clumpy..little..trees. but i love shu uemura fiber xtension. :)

5) bare escentuals barevitamins skin rev-er upper

and last but never the least, i must agree with Christiana Divine on this one. That's just...oh my, i don't even know what that is. but it's funky as hell and it stinks. i didn't even try putting it on my face so i have nothing to say about the product itself. i just got a whif of that stuff and i was immediately turned off. sure enough she made a date with my son's dirty diaper-in the trash.

whew! that was fun. lol. thanks Christy who to tag? if i tag you and you've already been tagged, please disregard. i tag:

1) Shayna
2) Aya
3) XTina
4) Imee
5) Aubrey

Off to watch the cosby show. i love that show. ;)