Sunday, March 23, 2008


Here are the swatches from my recent drugstore hauls. :)

The first pic of my 'haul' didn't include the other NYX lippies that I got after taking that pic lol. I am very pleased and satisfied with NYX round lipsticks. They are very rich in color and very smooth. I'm sure you'd have to touch up throughout the day since they aren't long-wearing lipsticks but nonetheless, they have such a wide array of colors to choose from. bold and daring to natural and neutral. i love nude lipsticks so i think i got about 3 or 4 of them. i like circe and echo. i forgot to do a side-by-side swatch with MAC Siss (my HG nude lippie) because I know one of them must be somewhat similar. For $.99 you just can't go wrong. And if you think of it this way, you can have 14 lipsticks for the price of ONE MAC lipstick lol.

I filled up my e.l.f. quad with the last 3 e/s pans that KMart had left. Ivory and Pink Ice are ehh..but I like Golden Glow and Dusk. They are very smooth and silky they almost remind me of veluxe pearls, very blendable and easy to work with. They are very vibrant with a base (i used UDPP).

I am officially in love with Milani nail lacquers. I only used one coat of each for the swatch. There are a few more that I wanna get. I liked how Jaclyn did the swatch for her nail polishes. :)

I was drawn to the new packaging for Prestige eyeshadows and I liked the candy colors. I like Iguana and Cloud 9.

Also picked up some HIP stuff because Don Quijote (grocery store) in Waipahu had them on sale for the cheapest I've seen. I believe the duos were $5.25 (originally around 8-9bucks a pop) and the color cream crayons were..6-something? Anyhoo, I don't ever recall seeing them for that cheap so I caved. The black crayon is, of course, similar to MAC's Sharkskin shadestick. The crayons are very will pigmented and very vibrant in color. They glide on very easily. I was also surprised with the light blue in the showy duo-it looks similar to MAC Parrot. :)

Have a safe and Happy Easter everyone!