Friday, March 21, 2008

MAC + Sephora Haul

I know I haven't updated all week. just been busy with some things. (kids' doctor/dentist appts, revising my resume, trying to get back into the habit of exercising again, starting some planning on my son's first birthday party, etc.) soo...on with my haul.

i went to the MAC at pearlridge mall because i was heading to my mom's house to pick up the kiddies. the MA that helped me was Tim. he was very helpful and waited on me while i took my granny old time swatching all the goodies. i wanted to get both of the e/s trios but the only thing that stopped me was cloudburst. i already have that. it really annoys me when MAC has repromotes in their pre-made quads and in this case, trios. even though mood ring was really pretty, i just couldn't. i asked tim if they had any nice vice pots left and unforuntately they only had rollickin. so i passed on that. the lippies weren't calling my name so i skipped those as well. especially since i did a major NYX round lipstick haul a few days ago (swatches/video to come). of course i wanted a beauty powder for the sake of the compact. and yay, these weren't really glittery like the fafi ones. i chose smooth harmony instead of alpha girl because i got sassed up from fafi. also because tim said i could also use it for some light contouring. the beauty powder blushes were very attractive so that's where i did some damage. joyous and eversun are really pretty. after i paid for my stuff, tim brought me over to the pigment stand and asked me to pick out some colors that i wanted to sample. he brought out 3 jars. i was really happy since i've never asked for, or have been offered any samples from an MA at MAC. let me say that he was very generous with the piggie samples. i got pink bronze (don't have that) and pink opal and jardin aires. i also picked up some brushes because guess what? i do not own any other full size MAC brushes besides the 109 and 227 (i love them). the rest of my brushes are the ones from the sets (i know, i know). but honestly they have worked for me since i've been using them for a long time but i always hear about how much better quality the full size brushes are. so i caved on those. since sephora was just next door, i also (finally) got my UD deluxe shadow box that everyone and their mama's mamas have been raving about. i originally went there to pick up the full size clinique mild facial liquid soap and clarifying lotion 2 but they ran out of the liquid facial soap. so i'll have to check out ala moana sephora for that. while standing in the checkout line i picked up a trio of juice beauty spf 15 tinted lip moisturizers. it's certified organic and they use real fruit juice for their product. can't wait to try those out.

i'll put up some pics of my drugstore/NYX lippie haul later. have a great weekend everyone. :)