Saturday, February 23, 2008

super late fafi haul + $0.99 lipstick galore

Warning: This may be long.

Looong before my MAC obsession began, I used drugstore brand makeup. Like many of you may have also. Before I got into MAC, I would get my makeup from Longs and Wal-mart. Now after I got into MAC, all I wanted was more and more MAC and everytime I walked into a drugstore, the makeup aisles would rarely ever get any of my attention.

Now I have always, always, always been a nude/browns/neutrals-lipstick kinda girl. Never have I bought a daring/bold/out-there hot pink lipstick. I have never been into pinks. Ever. In fact, I hate pink. I would never wear a pink shirt/top unless I am pregnant. lol. Anyways, I've always thought of trying a pink lipstick but never had the guts to do it. I have a few reds but not pinks.

On Friday I decided to check out the Fafi collection after looking at it online and of course, Specktra and other beauty bloggers such as Vanessa and Mrs. Lynne. I did have some depotted e/s pots and a couple empty shadesticks, 12 all together. So I brought them with me for b2m. Like many of you, I was not at all feeling the sticker action goin on. It looked ghetto and cheap. Never in a million years would I have thought that MAC would ever commit such a crime. I didn't get either of the quads. Wasn't too impressed with the colors and the square sticker that looked as if it was just slapped on there. Oh the horror. I did get hipness blush, no stickers on that. Also got sassed up IPP. I fell in love with the sleek glossy compact. And again, no sticker (yay!). The main reason I got the IPP was for the cute ass compact. I knew that when and if I ever finish the powder, I can always use the sleek, black, glossy compact for the mirror. Of course nice vice was sold out so I got cash flow which is a very pretty color. I haven't bought a p/p in a while so of course I picked cash flow out of the bunch. For my 2 b2ms I got not so innocent and strawbaby. I also picked out utterly frivolous and squeeze it l/g. Now when I got home from the mall I realized that the MUA gave me two of utterly frivolous. I was a little annoyed being that I knew I would have to go back in the morning to exchange it. So Saturday morning I did just that and got not so innocent. But perhaps it was a good thing that I had to go back to the mall...

When I walked out I decided to step into Longs. Most of the makeup was on sale. The whole line of the Maybelline Mineral Power products were 40% off. The mineral blushes looked nice so I picked out fresh plum which reminded me of soft flame. Now getting back to my whole i-don't-do-pink-lipstick thing, I checked out the $0.99 WNW lipsticks. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to test the waters and try out some new lipcolors that don't normally tickle my fancy. Especially now that I'm not working, I can't be all-MAC-no-whack like how I used to be. lol. Now please, please, please, someone tell me how crazy I am so I can agree with you. I got about 20 of em lol. But now I have 19 because my mom wanted one. I'll just have to go back and get the one I gave her. Which was a pretty low-key red, no frost called Hollywood & Wine. My mom doesn't like frosts. Picked up a couple NYX lip liners too. Then last night my mom and my babies and I went to KMart because we wanted to eat the Italian cheesy bread from Little Ceasar's, which is super good when it's fresh and hasn't been sitting there getting a tan under those lights. lol. Anyway, as I was browsing through the cosmetics aisles I saw e.l.f. products for the very first time. I have never seen e.l.f. products in any drugstores before. I saw the top of the display that said, NEW All Products $1.00. I was like whaaat? I had to go around the aisle and when I got back to the e.l.f. display, it still said NEW All Products $1.00. So then I knew it was foreal and I wasn't seeing things lol. I've heard of e.l.f. from other beauty bloggers and have heard good things about their products but I was unaware that they were that dirt-ass cheap! So of course I couldn't pass this up. I also checked out the e.l.f. website and WNW website to read their reviews. I pretty much got one of each thing they practically had left. Except their small e/s quads which were already cracked and their lip plumping gloss which I didn't think I needed since I believe I already have a full pout. lol.

I came to visit the 'rents on Saturday afternoon and it's Monday and I'm still here. But I'll be going back to my place tonight with the kiddies since the hubz is off tomorrow. Soooo, I'll put up the swatches/pics tonight when I get home. :)