Tuesday, February 26, 2008

i'm crazy...i know.

Okay. I took the pics last night but had to fix/resize them to show the best true color of these things. Now I haven't done any swatches. Only for the 3 NYX lipliners that I got. I'm having some trouble taking pics of swatches because I'm not sure how to use all the settings on my camera to get it focused clearly and to show the true colors of them. I seriously give props to all the other ladies who devote their time and patience to their blogs. It really does take time and dedication. I'm always amazed at how a lot of beauty blogs out there are updated so often. I just wanted to say thank you, you know who you are. ;)

So here are the pics that I have so far. Today, after paying all the bills, (phew!) I finally got to stop at Walgreens to check out their cosmetics. I picked up some stuff-again. Mostly lip stuff (liners, gloss). Also picked up a new mascara to try out. I went to Long's and the whole Physician's Formula line was 40% off including the new organic/mineral stuff. I just got 2 of their baked wet/dry e/s. They are really pretty! I couldn't pass it up. But I'll have to take a shot at getting pics of those babies tomorrow (hopefully). I hope this drugstore makeup thing doesn't get too out of hand. ..Did I actually just say that? It might be too late. Sometimes I feel so awful that I'm getting all these things but I'm so glad and grateful that the hubz can still support this outrageous, ridiculous, obsession that I have with makeup. I mean, I haven't gotten into any real trouble with him yet about it but if this continues...oh god. I don't even wanna think about it. lol. Anyway, here they are.

Top: Cash Flow P/P
Middle: Sassed Up IPP, Strawbaby L/S, Not So Innocent L/S, Utterly Frivolous L/S, Hipness blush
Bottom: Squeeze It L/G

Hipness Blush (you've all seen this before I know lol)

Sassed Up IPP

It's too cute! ;)

still working on the swatches for these..

Some travel size jars to make some tinted lip balm...we'll see how that goes.

e.l.f. elements - custom compacts. I'm actually impressed with this. Can't believe the compact was $1 as well as the e/s which is a really nice off white with subtle shimmer. The compact is like a white pearl version of MAC's 4-pan. but it comes with a dual sponge-tip/brush applicator (not in the pic, it fell out). and it has a mirror. i love it!

More e.l.f. stuff, (which i've already swatched but still having trouble taking the pics) and they are all so pretty!

WNW megaslicks l/g, WNW l/s, and maybelline mineral power blush in fresh plum

1 jordana l/s and 5 n.y.c. l/s

NYX l/l - natural, coffee, pinky (if i remember correctly)

I really hope I'll have some time tomorrow for all the swatches. Hopefully the kids will take a longer nap than their usual half hour. lol.