Tuesday, December 4, 2007

moving day!

today is moving day. my hubz already moved the bed and the computer into the place on his only day off (sunday) - that's all he was responsible for - the things i cannot carry/move lol. since i have 3 days off starting today, i will be taking care of the rest of our things (that i can carry myself lol). yesterday my hubz came to visit me at work when he got off and told me that he was going to walmart to get the shower curtain and dish rack and other necessities. but of course i told him that he needed to hold off on that because hello, we need to decide together what stuff we're getting lol. anyway, i'm almost off to make my first trip. it's almost 12pm but i just got up not too long ago because i left work at 3am this morning when i was supposed to finish at 11pm. (i'll vent later). i also got my stylistics/rest of my metal-x/mi'lady haul! will take pics later. i apologize in advance for lack of updates but i will be busy moving and i don't think we'll have our internet set up til sometime next week :( anyway, happy holidays to all and to all a great day!