Friday, November 30, 2007


Last night I spoke to the guy who will be our new landlord and, unexpectedly, he informed me that he would like us to start moving in this Saturday. Which is tomorrow! He will be giving us until the 10th to pay for the first month + deposit. This is really a huge thing for me, being out there on my own with the hubz and my kiddies. I'm a little scared but so excited at the same time. And I also can't wait to do a little decorating. :D

Wednesday my Metal-X haul came in the mail. I was stoked. Haven't taken any pics yet. I'll probably do that later since I am a little lazy, it's only 7:30 am but I got up to feed my son and update my blog.

PurseBuzz has just done her review for Stylistics. Honestly, I did think it was a bit too pricey but I didn't know that the mystery powder came with a refill. :O soooooooo, now i want the mystery powder! and i must admit, the packaging is too cute and chic to pass up. after all, these are must-haves for the typical MAC addict. :)