Friday, December 7, 2007

i'm baaaaaaaaaack!

so i didn't know that when my bf moved our bed and computer into our new apartment, the internet was already working. yay! because...we're borrowing his sister's clearwire modem. that is, until tomorrow, i get to go to Sears and pick up our Road Runner cable modem. :D the move went well. i'm so glad to finally be out of the parentals' supervision but at the same time i am sad. only because i've been living with them for the past 23 years of my life. and here i am, moving out. but i gotta stop bein such a crybaby about it. it's not like i moved across the pacific ocean. just 30 minutes away. that means i can see them any time i want. and knowing that makes me happy.

it's about 2:17 am and yes, i'm still up. i am not at all tired. ever since i've been working the PM shift, my day has started later. so i'm a little behind. my bf hit the sack about 4 hours ago lol. i was informed that they might be starting a graveyard shift at my job. the idea is kinda spooky but i think it's something i might consider since i'm up when everyone else is getting their Zs.

here are the pics from my latest haulage. i'm a bit lazy to caption all these so if you have any Qs just let a sister know. ;) these haven't been watermarked because i don't have my photoshop yet. and i'm a little sad that a few of my metal-x shadows were already swiped by moi before taking their pics lol. i just added in the other 3 that i bought first to meet the rest of their fam. ;) i don't know if i can stay away from more makeup until after the holidays. it's going to be an incredible challenge especially since the originals are coming out on the 26th from MAC. although if i had to choose just one it would be parrot because it's been sold on e-bay for over $100. which is effin crazy if you ask me. and whoever did buy it on ebay for that price will be crying when they find out the originals are coming out. oh and the little brush sets are ones that i found from K-Mart. For some reason when it comes to brushes, all I need to do is look at them closely and I can pretty much tell if they will be soft/good quality. Sure enough when I got them out of the package, I felt them and they are really soft! I liked the red handles, they kind of remind me of little Smashbox brushes. And the price wasn't bad either. Each set was only 9.99. What a steal! anyway, on to the eye candy:

i can't believe christmas is right around the corner. thank god tomorrow, i mean today is pay day. i need to get more stuff for the apartment since we have no furniture. :( the hubz and i also need to get a lil christmas tree. i told him i would be content with a fake one but he's insisting on getting a real one since this will be our first little christmas together as a family. except my daughter will be in boston with my mom and sisters. :( i'm sad about that but my sister really wanted her neice to spend christmas with her this year. While I was at K-Mart I saw some really cute and cheap xmas tree decorations. I will be back later today to check em out again.

now before i join my hubz who is off somewhere in la-la land, i have been tagged by the following lovely ladies: XTina, Leesah, d0rksta, and distinque.

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to then report this on their own blog with their 7 things as well as these rules. They then need to tag 7 others and list their names on their blog. They are also asked to leave a comment for each of the tagged, to let them know that they have been tagged and to read the blog.

This is going to be interesting lol.

1) i LOVE sushi and raw fish (poke). i can seriously eat it everyday for the rest of my life without getting tired or sick of it. did i mention unagi? and spicy tuna? oh god..

2) i want a boob job! seriously. foreal.

3) i don't do hookah but i do the greens if you know what i mean. and hey, don't hate! i don't do it everyday. not even once a week. it's whenever i can get some which is not often with my MAC addiction that consumes a lotta $$$.

4) i value my job. i take pride in what i do and i am very passionate about it. i work hard and do my best. and people know it from my words and actions.

5) i HATE geckos. even the little tiny baby ones, if i see one i will be scared shitless. they are everywhere here in hawaii but NOT in MY hale (ha-lei=home). but i don't ever kill them.

6) i've only gotten a pedi ONCE in my entire life. don't think i'll be getting a 2nd either. i dunno..other people touchin my feet like that just don't feel right lol. and no, i don't have nasty feet.

7) i do not watch TV. i just don't have time for it. and all those reality shows-it's a bit much. the only thing that i was up-to-date with was The Hills on MTV. but even that, i've missed the last 3 episodes. and shit next week monday is the season finale. i need to catch up on i dunno, i'd rather be here or on myspace instead of in front of the tube. as for the news, i just go to

and that's it ladies and gents. i will do the tagging of 7 and commenting later today, promise. but now it is time for me to get my own Zs. :)

[EDIT] the ladies i've tagged are: LynaV, TheMuse, Maricris, Phyllis, Jamie Allison. And that would be it. Can't do the 7 since almost everyone else has been tagged. And to those who tagged me, gracias!! [/EDIT]