Tuesday, December 11, 2007

1st Intro video...XP & LLL for sale!

here is a test run. no tute yet, just a little hello, it's me lani type thing. with my son too because he was gettin fussy and wanted me to carry him. ;)

now like i had mentioned in my previous blog, i have some LLLs for sale. the reason i am selling these is because i really have no use for them. why? because i CANNOT master the technique of applying them. i've tried and failed so what's useless for me can be your treasure. lol. they are $10 each which is a steal considering that they are, $16.50 i believe. correct me if i'm wrong i'm lazy to search the site. anyway, they are either new without box or tested a few times. i am really sad to be letting these go because even though i want to keep them for my collection, i would rather have them go to new homes where they will be appreciated instead of just collecting dust and looking pretty. lol. i also have one glitter liner in saucepot as well which has about 75% left. that will be $6. shipping will be $1.50 and $.50 for each additional item. if anyone out there would like to buy this whole lot including the glitter liner, it will be $100+$3.50 for shipping. brassbeat, electrolady, and visionaire were purchased through my sweet pal angela from myspace who is a former MAC artist. when employees get discounted items they have a small screw hole in them. pic shown below for reference. only these three have the little holes in them because i bought them new from her. and the rest i bought myself, i actually went to store and purchased them. soooo on to the pics:

Top: Saucepot, Inky, Visionaire, Inkspill
Bottom: Classic Cream, Brassbeat, Molten Sol, Auto Orange, Green Play, Aqualine, Blue Herizon, Electolady

Classic Cream, Auto Orange, Inky, Inkspill, Molten Sol, Green Play, Aqualine, Blue Herizon

Brassbeat, Electrolady, Visionaire


only accepting paypal right now. my email address is ilovemac@myway.com. email for any Qs. Thanks!