Thursday, December 13, 2007

hello ladies

i just gotta say thanks to the lovely owner of the Clumps of Mascara beauty blog, Ms. Divine Blackness. I seriously love her blog! She has a great sense of humor and it's so funny how we have the same interests/feelings about makeup/products. She's the shit so you gotta send her some love. ;)

so the gas co. guy JUST left my house and said the hot water should be on in about 20 min. good lord tell me why i went over a week without any hot water?! that is a damn shame and not to mention quite irritating as well. they couldn't turn it on the first time they came because the water heater itself was leaking and had to be replaced. as well as the whole gas line. so yesterday my landlord's certified plumber, that he's been using for years, came and replaced the heater and fixed the gas line. so i had to call back the gas co. and tell them that i could no longer wait another day for them to come and turn on my hot water and that someone needs to get their ass here TODAY. and turn it on. i admit, i was getting quite fussy over the phone but hell effin no was i gonna wait til tomorrow. they've already given me enough grief as it is and i am not going another day with boiling water just to bathe my son.

*waits 20 min...*

yay! it's on!! i knew they didn't want me to actually bring myself down there to get someone to turn on my hot water. :D

anyway, i'm off to take a nice HOT shower (my first since we've moved out) and then i'll be doing a crapload of laundry since i am off to work again tomorrow.

o-m-g. christmas is only 12 days from today. that is crazy!! 2008 is getting their panties in a bunch to come through already.