Sunday, November 25, 2007

MAC & Sephora Haulin'...

Hmm, where shall we begin? Oh yes, black friday. So I got up at 5 am to go to Walmart. Boy, was that crazy. Let me mention that I really had no intention of buying anything, all I wanted to do was see what all the hype was about since for years I've always worked the morning. And now that I work from 230-11pm, I was excited to go for my first time lol. So anyways, the parking lot was crazy at Walmart but I was lucky enough to find a spot that was pretty close to the entrance. There were people that were pushing one cart in front of them and pulling one behind them at the same time-both carts filled. There was heavy traffic in ALL aisles due to carts, carts, and carts! And those scooters for the handicaps. I barely made it halfway through the store. The lines were crazy and went all the way to the restrooms (back of the store). There were people that still had morning crusties in their eyes (yuck!) I didn't see much of any 'sales', I think it was just 'the first day of Christmas shopping'.

So 15-20 minutes into feeling like a cramped sardine, I made my out and headed to the mall. Went to Macy's and saw a dark chocolate brown Coach bag that caught my eye. It was 40% off and trust me, I was tempted like no other!! But I managed to walk away...and into the MAC store. Now of course, needless to say, there was some damage that was done there, being that Finery had come out along with Of Beauty. I snagged: 1) Finery - Tan Lip Set 2) Of Beauty - Natural Flare Loose Beauty Powder 3) Metal-X - Fusion Gold, Goldspice, Pink Ingot Cream Shadows. I swatched all of the cream shadows but only those three appealed to me at the time. But upon reading Stephie's blog, I just had to order 6th Sin, Plum Electric, & Metalblu online. lol. Soo...can't wait to get them in the mail. I love getting my online hauls in the mail because all I get are bills. lol.

Pearlridge mall just opened up a brand spankin' new Sephora so yup, you guessed it, I had to stop in. There were 2 things that I wanted but unfortunately they had sold out: Bare Minerals 9 pc. eyeshadow sampler set 'Guilty Pleasures'. OMG the shades were to DIE for. I was pissed they ran out. And of course, the mini Stila Lip Glaze set. They are getting a new shipment in on Tuesday, the lady said but I just might haul those two online - still thinkin about it. Anyway, I got: MUFE Mist & Fix, the infamous Tarte eyelash curler which has gotten rave reviews from none other than Ms. Stephie. Even though I already have my Shu Uemura curler I just had to try it out, Dior Detective Chic Eyeshadow Palette which I am in LOVE with. The colors are gorgeous! And since I have never ever ever tried UDPP, I decided to give it a try. I didn't think I had anything to lose. I will be doing reviews soon. And I am thinking of doing tutorials on youtube BUT I don't think I have enough visitors to start doing that yet. So...we'll see. And while paying for my Sephora goods, the guy that was ringing me up said that with my purchase I could pick a balloon to pop for a prize. I got a 1 oz. jar of philosophy's 'hope in a jar'. I tried and I'm lovin it! Well anyway, here the visuals:

...Thought I'd start watermarking for the folks that are into jacking other people's shit. ;)