Tuesday, June 3, 2008


omg. i'm so relieved to finally have my internet back. i swear that was over a month. never again will i go through that! as crappy as they are, i just decided to stick with oceanic cable for now. that is, until they fuck up again then i'll have to make the switch to hawaiian telcom.

i'm so happy i can download songs again and update my ipod. check my email, myspace, yadda yadda yadda. no more taking 15 minutes just to write messages with that PS3 and my phone. you guys just don't know how much i missed you. i guess that saying is true, 'you don't know what you got til it's gone' lol.

today was my sister's birthday. omg she's 30. i can't believe it. that means i'm getting there even though i'm 6 years behind her. still! 6 years will come and go before you know it. it's such a trip how time flies. in fact, i still can't believe that it was 6 years ago that i graduated from high school. that's crazy. anyway, even though my sis is in san diego and i'm here in hawaii, my lil fam went out to celebrate. actually, to eat noodles since my mom always says we have to eat noodles on our birthdays for long life. after running a few errands with the hubsie, we went to visit the lady who cuts his hair so that she could cut my son's hair. i almost couldn't believe it, he didn't cry at all. it took about 12 and a half minutes (i recorded it lol) and after he was done, he looked just like his daddy. although i didn't get a picture of the two of them together, here are his before and after shots. she gave him a lil mohawk (upon daddy's request lol):

and i just realized that i don't think i've ever shared a pic of my daughter. shame on me! right now she's at grandma's house. usually she likes to stay there and since my apartment is kinda tiny, i usually let her stay at grandma's. we're picking her up this weekend though. anyway, here is a pic of my babies:

i know you guys have probably already seen everyone's haul from Neo Sci-Fi but here is mine anyway lol. Since I'm really into blush these days I got both of the blushes and I'm really liking X-Rocks. It's almost like Sweet As Cocoa but a tad bid lighter. I originally wanted to get Femme Fi e/s as well but decided to skip since I got Shore Leave from Naughty Nauticals in my previous haul. btw i'm also into expanding my collection of highlight e/s lol. no swatches or anything since i'm sure you guys have seen all this somewhere else.

so glad i've got my internet back, now i can go back to making more videos on youtube lol. my goodness i'm so behind, i gotta catch up on my rounds. i'll try to put up some FOTDs later. have a good one guys. :)