Sunday, March 2, 2008

kids and i will be at grandma's til tuesday

as i type this, my daughter is singing, "over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go!" i think it's the super why cartoon on pbs. lol.

thanks for your responses on the whole depotting issue. i'm about 75% sure that i will start depotting. but that 25% of me still can't go through with the murder. lol. i'll keep you all posted.

i still haven't gotten around to doing an fotd. it's hard with my babies keeping me occupied. i do tell myself that as soon as they take a nap i'll do one but then i end up doing other household chores such as cleaning up around the house, picking up toys, etc. washing dishes, doing more laundry, cleaning my bathroom. the list goes on. lol. so forgive me if i haven't posted fotds. i will try harder lol.

one last thing, i seem to have fell off my diet. i just wanted to know from you guys, what keeps you motivated? i know i've somehow lost my motivation but i need to get back on track because i would like to be at a healthier weight for my son's first birthday party in late august/early september. i do have membership with 24 hour fitness but i haven't gone in a couple of months. that's sad considering how expensive it is! but please, do share your thoughts, experiences, and advice. thanks! :)

got rid of that meebo room thinggy. got a lil cbox like everyone else. if you have any questions or just wanna say hey, post it there. :)

LOTM (Link Of The Moment): BCM aka XTina is back! yay! pay her a visit, she's awesome! :)