Thursday, February 28, 2008

oh. my. god.

i seriously did not know i owned that much makeup. i'm just amazed and shocked and a bit in disbelief at how much i've collected over the years. that's not even all of my crap, i just got tired of putting it out. lol. it scares me to even think of how much money i've blown on all that. that's just crazy. but i feel better knowing i'm not as bad as a few that i've seen on specktra. now that is beyond crazy! just thought it'd be fun to share since i know a lot of you have shared your beloved collections as well. ;)

to depot or not to depot? that is my question...

i only have one 15 pan palette that i've filled up. just to see how having a palette would be like. that was sometime last year. now i am still contemplating on whether or not i should depot all of my babies. what do you think? please help me out with this. I know there are pros and cons to depotting but i'm afraid they're taking up too much space in their pots. i don't know what to do. lol.