Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fafi for MAC

PurseBuzz has shared some pics of the upcoming Fafi for MAC collection. All I can say is that this is definitely, without a doubt, going to top the Barbie loves MAC collection. The Fafi collection is brighter, a lil more girly and has some funk to it. And I absolutely love the packaging. Screw the Originals, I'm not too impressed with that collection. Like I said before the only thing I'm getting is Parrot. Other than that, I will be starting my Fafi fund. lol.

So thanks to all of you who enjoyed my first (or second) tut. I did a look the other day with my Royal Assets Metallic Eyes Palette. I didn't think it would come out too 'Wow' but I really liked it. I wore it to work and took a few pics but I really need to learn how to take better pics with my cam. The colors get washed out and doesn't show the actual colors IRL.

Tonight I will be dropping off my mom and my daughter to the airport. (Yes, I have a lil girl too but she doesn't wanna leave grandma) They will be celebrating Christmas with my oldest sister in Boston. I was a lil upset about it because my sister had already purchased their tickets before I gave birth to my son (August) and no one had asked me first. I was looking forward to my daughter and new son spending their first Christmas together but unfortunately my sister really wanted her neice to spend Christmas with her in Boston. I'm still a lil upset but there's nothng I can do. I even bought them both their Christmas outfits. My daughter has a long-sleeve that says, 'OFFICIAL PRESENT-OPENER' and my son has a bodysuit that says 'Santa's Lil Helper' with matching Santa head booties. lol.

I slept in and totally slept through the cable guy knocking on my door to hook up our digital cable box and phone. So I woke up to my cell phone beeping with a new voicemail saying that the guy came but no one was home so I need to call them to reschedule. I was a little irritated that I missed him but what can I do. Nada! I guess I'll have to reschedule.

I got out of work late AGAIN last night. Ugh. I didn't leave til almost 1 am (I'm supposed to finish @ 11pm). It was my Friday so like always, I had to make sure I finished everything that I needed to finish up. I hate leaving my unfinished work for someone else to finish. Mainly because, seriously, if you want something done right you gotta do it yourself. But I just wanted to share a few pics of the hubz and baby. The last two are what I came home to last night. After seeing that I didn't care about leaving work so late. ;)

(He rolled over lol)