Monday, November 19, 2007

4 Day Weekend? Too good to be true...

I was supposed to be off today but I was asked to come in. So that means I wasn't able to go to the gym today with the hubz because I was basically sleeping until I had to come in to work. It's almost 9:30 and I haven't gone on my break yet. I have spicy ahi from Foodland. YUM! If only someone could watch my phones for me :(

Tomorrow I need to do laundry first thing in the morning. I also need to open up my son's savings account since his birth certificate finally came in the mail. On the way to work when my hubz was driving I took this picture of my baby's toes. I LOVE baby feet. They are SO cute!! Don't you think?

hehehe...I missed The Hills last week Monday and I haven't caught up on yet. If I miss it, I usually watch it the next day on the website. So I can't miss it again tonight. I get off at 11pm and it airs at 10pm so I have to catch the re-run at 12am. That is the only show right now on my 'have-to-watch' list. Don't really care for other t.v. shows.

When I went into MAC the other day, the lady asked me if I got an invitation to their MAC event which is on the 27th. I told her I didn't get anything in the mail but that I've already been to 3 of their events. So she gave me an invitation since I'm a loyal customer lol. It's for the release of their Stylistics line and basically a little something to say thank you to their loyal customers. Hey, they've got free booze so I'm there! lol. I didn't get any of their brush sets since I still have 3 back up sets. And besides, I am looking into slowly investing in the full size brushes since I've heard so many raves about them and that the sets do not compare! But I'm happy with my backups, they are ones that I like. The only things that will be annoying with the full size brushes is that I'm not used to long handles. I've been using my brush sets from day one and I love the short handles and of course they are great for travel. I agree with Stephie when she says she doesn't like how it hits the mirror while applying your makeup. Anyways, we'll see how that goes.

On another note, my lil family is finally moving out!! Since I gave birth to my son, we've been living with my 'rents in Ewa Beach but because my hubz and I both work in Waikiki, the commute is a bitch and a half! Especially for him because morning traffic is NOT funny. So yes, I'm really excited about moving out. We will be moving around the 7th of December, which is just in time for the holidays and I can get a little christmas tree and put up a wreath on our door. Yay!! lol.